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A young Matt Smith chasing velour shirts in the 90’s is fantastic.

Melissa K—-p, I’m look right at you

(It’s cool, Kel, it’s been like 20 years, and she probably doesn’t even own that shirt anymore)

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Maybe some cheese to go with all that whine?? (not by best effort, I know. I’m very distracted by Rodgers mustache.)

That ain’t whining, my friend.  We got our asses shoved up our asses.  That’s just honest, workmanlike sour grapes.

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C’mon, it’s as if you’re suggesting that there’s a large segment of the U.S. that finds the honey boo-boo kid entertaining. Oh. Oh, wait.

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Agreed. That said, I wish the Left would realize the race is over(I’d argue there was never a race) & get serious in demanding pledges be made for the next 4 years by an Obama administration. The pointing & laughing at the Right accomplishes little.

I completely disagree with you.  Never underestimate the American people.

That’s the dark comedy in all of this.

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I believe cheese(especially brie) should be classified as a PED & Packers should be stripped of all titles…

I want you to come observe any average Wisconsinite and tell me that you think cheese is enhancing our performance in any way.

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You should start a mail order business. “Matt’s Meats”?

"We’re not licensed, so don’t go blabbin’ it around"

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I bet she has so many available pockets

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I’m so appreciative of this recipe, I’d like to express as much love for you as the invisible man in the clouds says is acceptable.

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Agreed, but I do wish we could find a way to make the point without calling into question a person’s religious beliefs. I know, religious beliefs are what’s used to justify the anti-gay marriage stance, but still wish there was a way to combat the ignorance without…

But that’s the whole point, WW.  The second you use your religious beliefs to justify your socio-political actions you open yourself up to criticism of those beliefs.

I have absolutely no issue with Capital B Belief.  It’s a big, old world and there’s so much we don’t know.

But the fact is that MANY people have found a way to square up both their belief in god and their belief in basic human decency which, to me, makes it that much more inexcusable that many haven’t.  Human equality is not a religious issue.

I don’t CARE what you (the universal you) believe, as long as

  1. You don’t try to make me believe it
  2. It doesn’t hurt anyone

It’s when one of those two standards is not met that I think you have to take a good hard look.

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Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters 2 theme songs. BOOM.

Technically the version in Ghostbusters 2 was just a remix of the original featuring Run DMC.  It’s unlikely Ray recorded any new vocals for it.  But I’ll still allow it.

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“that guy” always wears cargos…

camo cargos

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So the rumors that having a daughter will totally emasculate a guy are false. Good to know.

Dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I pull a feather boa off.

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Congrats. “Titletown, U.S.A.”, may have to be changed to Titlestate….

Eh, I don’t want to dwell on their chances v. the Phillies, I just want to savor this for a week or two.

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Matt, I’m representing the Council of Men when I say this…you wrote, “my favorite local morning news team”. That sounds like code for: I need help. If that’s true, blog an American flag. If it isn’t, well, I don’t know what to say.

What do you want from me?  I’m old.  I just want a likable news team to accompany my black coffee and dry toast.