I can’t stop laughing at this.

Seriously considering changing all my usernames to Hingle McCringleberry.

i am, quite literally, crying.

the third or fourth guy is from my alma mater.

Oh man, dying



From some of the best Milwaukee Hip Hop has to offer, comes ‘One of These Kids’. Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy, and Prophetic team up for a track off of an upcoming EP, Uni-Fi Records Presents… Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy. Love this video.

I love Proph’s verse on this track.

Look out


Drone’s Eye View: An Eerily Beautiful Skate Video Over the Streets of Prague

Directed by Jan Minol and produced by Samadhi Production, the video features a faceless skater on a nighttime journey through the splendid city. Suspended from a remote-control helicopter, the camera records the skater’s flips and tricks from above the fray. Illuminating the board from below with a blue halo, Jam Copters and crew minimize surrounding urban light to give the video a ghostly feel. 

That is such a cool effect!


I Saw Three Ships - Jacob Collier

This dude is a mere 18 years old.

And now we weep with joy for the next generation of music creators.

I quit.


Lake Street Dive Plays “I Want You Back” On a Boston Sidewalk (by LakeStreetDive)

Sweet jesus that voice. Whoa.



Fatty Boom Boom by Die Antwoord 

convincingindie:I’m not entirely sure what is going on here, but…”I’m Yolandi fuckin’ Vi$$er / fight, fight, fight.”

NOBODY brings the “What The Fuck!?” better than Die Antwoord



The new trailer for “Django Unchained.”

If I don’t get to see this, I will LITERALLY die.

I’m not even kidding.

holy shit, tarantino might have made another movie i enjoy besides jackie brown.

Say what you want about Tarantino, this shit looks FUN

Several minutes missing from Romney video; conservatives cry foul


1 or 2 minutes are missing from the leaked Romney video, according the journalist who obtained it. Mother Jones’ David Corn says his source told him that the recording device “inadvertently shut down or timed-out” during Romney’s speech, and had to be turned back on. “[A]t most, one to two minutes were missed,” Corn told Politico. In response, the conservative activists at denounced the video’s legitimacy, saying that “there is new reason to suspect manipulation” on the part of Mother Jones when “a large portion of video” is missing.  Mother Jones released a total of 67 minutes of video from the event, so the missing footage would amount to roughly 3% of the complete product.

Was it the part that made him an empathetic, likable person?


GIFs + Sound = A Hilarious Video (and Probably Somebody’s Media Studies Thesis)

Born of the hive mind of Reddit and the editing skills of Reddit user Rasta_Pasta, this video combines the manic looping of GIFs with appropriately ridiculous audio clips. These creations are crowd-sourced from the subreddit devoted to the art form. On a meta level, it’s a brilliant exploration of the relationship between sound and picture in the fractured digital space of the Internet. On more basic level, it’s just funny. Some songs contain strong language. 

This is great



“Done with fish.” 



I had followed William Gagen’s coverage of Occupy Oakland several months ago and then heard he was going to try and enter Syria to livestream what was going on there. Few journalists have been able to get into Syria so this was not a small feat.

William, better known online as WillyFoReal, wound up spending about three days slipping in and out of Syria just along the Turkish border. In the clip above, he and Geoffrey Giraffe tell me about their incredibly dangerous experience. In the final day, their transmissions were intercepted and they were being closed in on. They came face to face with the fact that they were in real danger of being killed.

I have such mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, the idea of sharing the knowledge of how to live-stream and show the world things they may not otherwise be seeing is SUCH a powerful democratic tool, and one whose importance has been more than evident over the last 18 months.  Also, I love Anthony’s specific “tech” angle on the story.

On the other hand, the idea of starting a live-streaming academy to create world-travelling, crisis-seeking citizen journalists is GOING to get well-meaning people killed.  



Scenes From The Studio #3 (by TheLicenseLab)

We always use real instruments, like these Baldwin and Steinway pianos. Except when we don’t.

Having fun in the studio today with TheMattSmith and Final Cut Pro.

Work work work


Robert Randolph Meets the Moog Lap Steel (by MoogMusicInc)


Perth by Justin Vernon & The Roots

Vernon stopped by Late Night to jam w/ The Roots for the audience. Though I think it was really for themselves — the audience just happen to be there.

This is REALLY good, you guys.



Put Mark Ronson, Erykah Badu, Trombone Shorty, Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), Zigaboo Modeliste, and members of The Dap Kings in the same room… and this is what you get. Genius.

‘A La Modeliste’ for Hyundai’s RE:GENERATION LP

Good lord.

Oh wow.