thesemicullen replied to your photo: Bottling

Do you do a secondary fermentation?

Not for this batch, just a standard American hoppy wheat.  Priming solution in the bucket, conditioned in the bottle for 2 weeks, then into the fridge.

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You will and you do. If having a lot of bark is important, probably not the way to go.

I know I’m probably going to have to compromise on some things, but having that bark just adds so much flavor and texture once you pull it, y’know?

thesemicullen replied to your post: I didn’t account for vegetarians

If you can fit four side-by-side normal, do you think you could fit eight if you stand them on their small side and tie them together? I’ve done that with good success.

Maybe, but would you worry about missing out on a lot of bark development with the butts touching each other like that?

thesemicullen replied to your post: I wish there was a curated #meat tag in addition to the #food tag

We need #meat, #barbecue and #charcuterie.

Well, I’d be interested in all of that, and I think it could all fall under an inclusive #meat tag.   Y’know?  

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You’ve seen White Hunter Black Heart, yes?

I haven’t!  You can bet it’s on the list now, though.

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These look awesome! I have wanted a meat grinder for a while.

I use the grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid.  The big thing is to keep it in the freezer.  Keep everything cold!  That way you keep the meat and fat separate, instead of them melting and smearing into each other.  Makes all the difference for the texture of the sausage.

thesemicullen replied to your post: The downside of making head cheese all day

You know, there are plenty of folks out there who throw picnic or Boston roasts on the smoker frozen solid with results just as good as thawed. In fact, they say they get better smoke rings.

My days of tending a smoker all day may be on hiatus.  I like being married with a 2 year old, and sacrifices must be made for the sake of familial happiness (I KNOW you get it).  As much as I love my wood-fired smoker, I need to invest in an electric one that I can set and forget for a few hours.

thesemicullen replied to your post: There’s a brisket in the oven and it’s making the house smell like happy.

What are you paying for brisket up there? And was it a flat or full packer?

6 bucks a pound.  Just doing a flat today.  Thinking of serving it over some cheesy grits with hog jowl.

thesemicullen replied to your post: I don’t think I’ve ever asked you this, but do you buy your spices in bulk? Is that even a thing? God, this is a dumb question…I should know this, right?

Do you buy from Penzeys? A lot of the barbecue teams I know buy in bulk and freeze their spices until ready to use.

Yeah, I get mine from a place in Wauwatosa called The Spice House which is actually an offshoot of the Penzey family.  There’s some weird story of family in-fighting or something, I think.

thesemicullen replied to your photo: Mobile BBQ (Taken with instagram)

My first barbecue competition of the season is Saturday. I’ll try to get some pics of team setups.

Oh man, competitive BBQ is serious business.  Good luck!

thesemicullen replied to your post: Shit, I spoke too soon.

At least it was still constructive and polite.

Right- no judges being all “that was fucking AWFUL” as soon the singer left

thesemicullen replied to your post: Fact: “Born To Run” is Springsteen’s “Good Vibrations”

So “Born in the USA” = “Surfin’ USA”?

No, “Born In The USA” = “Kokomo”

It’s an imperfect and proprietary formula.