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I’m waiting for wild boar to work their way into Kentucky on a large basis. Wild bacon and pork is in my future.

There’s gotta be a huntable number in the state- they’ve been present there for at least 4 or 5 years (according to a cursory web search).  Ask around among farmers.  If they’ve seen any, trust me, they’ll let you know.

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What…son I am confuse…what are you going to do with pork uterus?

I have no idea, but doesn’t it seem like a challenge worth undertaking?

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I am curious to see what a baking steel could do on a grill that can get up to 8-900 degrees

Well, the big worry is getting enough charring on top before the bottom burns, y’know?  I had really high hopes for this thing, but you have to hack it to even make it work properly.

I’m just holding out for room in the backyard when we move to build a honest-to-goodness pizza oven.

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I don’t agree that a pistol is automatically a sign of small-dick compensation.

Like I said, I agree with with sentiment, but not necessarily the derogatory characterization.

Pistols, to me, are the biggest stumbling block in debating gun regulation.

There are, to me, completely valid reasons to own a pistol.  Target shooting, small game/varmint hunting, and protection in bear country (though there’s plenty of debate on the merits of this) for example.

Home protection is something I wrestle with.  I don’t personally care to have a pistol in my home, but I’m not able to comfortably deny that right to anyone else, assuming we improve the permitting process and place stronger liabilities on the gun owner (insurance, gun cases, etc.).

But when pistols start having extended clips and laser sights and armor-piercing bullets, it’s Lamborghini territory.  That’s having a car that goes 200 mph, and the danger in that is that when someone that is not properly trained and licensed uses a car that goes 200 mph to its fullest extent, the possibility of bad things happening FAR outweigh the alternative.

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It seems to me like it’s not whether it’s bolt/pump action or semi-auto but magazine capacity

I agree- again, personally I don’t see a use for more than 5+1 in a long gun or 6 in a pistol.

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I hope the GOP will come back around to sanity after this election. Hopefully they’ll realize you can’t just win the straight-white-male vote and win the election anymore. I want a viable two party system where both are sane.

I totally agree.

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I’m playing you this week so I suggest playing the banged up guy. But I’ve lost 3 in a row so whatever you do will likely pay off and you’ll have a record week.

You’re already up on me by 11

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Either Nate Silver is going to be an oracle after next week, or his credibility will be shot. As much as the right wing dipshits have attacked him over the last month, there’s no in between.

I totally agree, and I love him for it.  The numbers don’t lie, and his numbers have always been right.

Silver, quoted in the Awl article:Bias, in a statistical sense, means missing consistently in one direction — for example, overrating the Republican’s performance across a number of different examples, or the Democrat’s. It is to be distinguished from the term accuracy, which refers to how close you come to the outcome in either direction. If our forecasts miss high on Mr. Obama’s vote share by 10 percentage points in Nevada, but miss low on it by 10 percentage points in Iowa, our forecasts won’t have been very accurate, but they also won’t have been biased since the misses were in opposite directions (they’ll just have been bad).”

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Why are onions a poor thing to juice? Is it a flavor issue, or will it fuck up the juicer?

From what I’ve read, it’s primarily an odor thing

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Is grouse similar to turkey?

Kind of, but not as dry.  Certainly closer to farm turkey as opposed to wild turkey, texture-wise.  Gamier-tasting, though, in a good way.

Also, it tastes better because you shot it.

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How much is THAT going to cost you in baggage fees?

Oh god, who knows.  I mean, it doesn’t really matter, it’s all gotta get there.  I think we get one bag per person, and I’m pretty sure the carseat and stroller are free.

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I think there needs to be a responsible dialogue featuring more than just the “guns are good in all aspects of life” and “ban all guns” folks. Like most issues in American politics, I feel like the moderate and rational are being marginalized

As with most things nowadays, it’s the people talking the loudest at the extreme ends of the spectrum that are controlling the conversation.

I think it’s mainly because the people in the middle (including myself here) got tired of the noise and decided to shut up.  Which is not ideal, but COMPLETELY understandable.