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we’re debating a cowshare as I type, probs gonna go for it. Considering adding a quarter pig. I learned this by reading you!

Nice!  I definitely think that’s the way to go- I love the feeling of going to the freezer to decide what we’re going to eat the next day and having so many choices.

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amateur. I follow 450, but god knows howmany of those are dead ones and by follow I mean I scroll

Oh man, I weed out CONSTANTLY.  I just can’t be bothered to have to CARE about things all the time.  Then I just pray that no one notices and gets mad at me.

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porn shoulder. world without end, amen, amen.

Freudian slip.  I took two pictures, and I chose the one that Kel’s boobs looked better in.

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I’ve never been an all beef meatloaf person- so you’ll have to share the actual recipe with a review.
I’ve never been a fan either, but I’m giving the ATC recipe a shot, because it promises an all-beef meatloaf that doesn’t dry out.  It uses non-flavored gelatin, which is interesting, and also gets cooked on perforated foil on a cooling rack over a sheet pan to get nice and crusty on the outside.  We’ll see…