ratsoff replied to your post: Have you ever done a whole pig head roast?

What is a split head? Like a half of a head that was split down the middle?

That’s exactly what it is.

ratsoff replied to your post: Goals for tomorrow morning

What are you going to do with the squirrels?

ratsoff replied to your post: Ron Swanson is my body type idol

At first I read this as ‘Ron Swanson is my body type lol’

That works too

ratsoff replied to your post: Honestly, it’s all the right-wing secessionist nutjobs and religious zealots that get cool compounds in remote areas

It’s called Breitenbush, and it’s near Detroit Lake in Oregon. Check it outttt

Hey, just because I want a liberal compound doesn’t mean I want a commune.  I dislike dirty hippies as much as the next guy.

ratsoff replied to your post: wanderlustandtethers replied to your audio post:…

Weren’t you around for this too? youtube.com/watch?v…

I think I watched one of those, but not that song.  There’s just so much stuff.

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Wait, you stand and use a flag-alert system? I thought with ice fishing you sit around a hole in lawn chairs holding fishing poles with all the lines going into the same hole? IS THAT JUST IN CARTOONS?

No, you do that too (well, not all in the same hole).  It all depends on what you’re fishing for.

In Wisconsin, you’re allowed 3 lines in the water, per person.  Typically what I’ll do is set up 2 tip-ups for northern pike or walleye, then jig in the third hole for bluegills, perch, or crappie.

ratsoff replied to your post: "FLAG!!"

What is the purpose of the flag?

The way a tip-up works is that when a fish takes the bait and pulls on the line, the flag goes up, alerting you.  Depending on how many people are fishing with you, you can have as many as a dozen or more tip-ups set up, so it allows you to fish a larger area.  It becomes a sort of game, albeit one that involves standing in the cold and waiting.  But there is also beer.

ratsoff replied to your post: My hands are all stained with turmeric from yesterday’s pickling

I’m still wondering about the sesame powder used as an ingredient in the pickling spices. I’ve never seen that before-is that your own creation or am I missing an important detail?

Sesame seeds- not sure where it came from, I just think it adds something nice.  I’m sure it’s not my creation- I probably picked it up somewhere online.