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Where do you get your flour? online? Been using a mix of cake/bread but wanted 00.

We have a great Italian grocery in town that carries it

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Was part of one at my first job. Fantastic. Someone chose a theme..everyone brought a dish. I bought cookbooks just to cook something new. Dont know enough foodie friends that cook, either. Esp men.

It’s an element I’d like to focus more on this year for the annual ice fishing outing with Jeff and Bill- fishing and drinking during the day, cooking and drinking in the evening.

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What are drinking with it?

Lakefront IPA

obitoftheday replied to your post: Is pork a red or white meat? Maybe there’s a sliding scale? My googlefu isn’t good enough to find a solid answer. Thanks.

The USDA classifies it as a “red meat,” for what it’s worth. The ad campaign was brilliant re-positioning.

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They have the best brewery tour I’ve ever been on.

Absolutely.  It is a MUST DO if you’re in Milwaukee for a day or two.