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Wow, whoa, whoa… SCRAMBLED eggs? Are you at summer camp?

I know, I know, but I’m feeding a 3 year old here.

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There’s really no excuse why I haven’t tried that yet

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How porky are those sausages? Do you think the meal will be too acidic/briney? I love briney flavors, so maybe not. Instead of pickled beets, roasted beets with bacon?

That’s a good point.  I haven’t tried the sausages, but I’m thinking they might be a little bland (potatoes).  I’m roasting them instead of boiling them to add a little flavor and color.  I think maybe the lingonberry jam will offset the pickled stuff?  Plus I already have pickled beets in the basement.  Also, beer.

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But WHAT about the onions?

I juiced one quarter of a raw onion, unfrozen, because I’m a MAN, dammit.

It worked out fine.  I just made sure to do it first, and on a relatively low speed.

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What, were you reading Proust?


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Sometimes you have to stop and realize that this dude that you think is pretty cool, but you’ve never really met, puts up a video of a Cosby show. You love the Cosby show. We live in a magic age.

It really is criminal that we haven’t met, no?

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And she brought beer!

Psh, it’s only Schlitz.  That’s basically Milwaukee tap water.

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For the grad party I did about 30 lbs and went through all. I bet we had about 125-150 come through. I did had other food, though the pork when the quickest. I would figure around .5 lb per person.

That’s what I was thinking.

Figuring on a half pound per person, and a cooked yield of about 50%, that means we need about 70 pounds of pork butt, or roughly 9 average sized butts, which seems like an ass-load (do NOT pardon the pun).

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It is SO funny that I feel the complete opposite.

I mean, to each his own.  I don’t begrudge you that.

I understand why the NBA can’t play college-style ball ($$$$$$$$), and I rarely watch the NBA so I admittedly have a pretty small sample size, but I was at the bar for a beer or two and the Heat/Mavericks games was and it was UGLY.

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Google Reader…. 1?!?

I keep up with it all day.  First thing in the morning is really the only time there are a lot of unread items.

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I have a mental picture of a pile of leaves 7 or so feet hight and an immaculately clean lawn.
No way, I’m not nearly that anal.  I rake just for appearances in the neighborhood.  If it were up to me, half that shit would just stay where it is.

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homesicktexan.blogspot…. Great base recipe, add other forms of pork as you see fit. Also, one of my favorite food blogs, long time reader.
Thank you!  I actually recall Bittman’s recipe from which this was adapted, but I dig the changes.