OK, I’m gonna need you to listen to this comedy album.

Flux Pavilion is making some of the most consistently interesting dubstep nowadays.

There’s some really cool stuff on their latest.

Don’t worry, you guys, I went ahead and made you a 28-song playlist of different version of “Skokiaan”.

In addition to  the standard versions (Armstrong, Kamempfert, Prado), the pedal steel version by Joe Goldmark, the arrangement for the Pinkerton Elementary Marimba and Drum Band, the big band/bebop hybrid version by Olver Nelson, and the classical fusion arrangement by the Soweto String Quartet are especially good.

This album went from “the Sigur Ros record I hadn’t heard for some reason” to “my favorite Sigur Ros record” in one day last year.

Today’s soundtrack



From some of the best Milwaukee Hip Hop has to offer, comes ‘One of These Kids’. Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy, and Prophetic team up for a track off of an upcoming EP, Uni-Fi Records Presents… Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy. Love this video.

I love Proph’s verse on this track.

Look out

1993 Billboard Hot 100


  • Dr. Dre : Nuthin’ But A G Thang
  • Dr. Dre : Dre Day
  • Boy Krazy : That’s What Love Can Do
  • Dino : O-o-h child
  • Joey Lawrence : Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix
  • Def Leppard : Two Steps Behind

I give you the top 100 songs of 1992.  Enjoy your day.

There are only 4 missing-

  • "Stay" - Shakespeare’s Sister
  • "Please Don’t Go" - K.M.S.
  • "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad" - Def Leppard
  • "Let’s Get Rocked" - Def Leppard


I Saw Three Ships - Jacob Collier

This dude is a mere 18 years old.

And now we weep with joy for the next generation of music creators.

I quit.


most genius song ever.

Tough to argue with that


room42: Sigur Rós have given a dozen filmmakers the same modest budget and asked them to create videos for their new album valtari. The filmmakers have complete creative freedom, the band completely unaware of what to expect…

coketalk: Wow.

This has incredible resonance.

That was so incredibly beautiful and poignant and I can’t even begin to explain why.


Lake Street Dive Plays “I Want You Back” On a Boston Sidewalk (by LakeStreetDive)

Sweet jesus that voice. Whoa.



Fatty Boom Boom by Die Antwoord 

convincingindie:I’m not entirely sure what is going on here, but…”I’m Yolandi fuckin’ Vi$$er / fight, fight, fight.”

NOBODY brings the “What The Fuck!?” better than Die Antwoord



This is the most glorious clusterfuck.  I love it.  It’s got-

  • a convoluted drama school expository monologue
  • a syrupy torch song
  • prostitution
  • pinball
  • slow dancing/hair-brushing with bikers
  • american flag as fashion accessory/overwrought symbolism for… something?
  • fire and guns
  • ANOTHER monologue
  • a gunshot/orgasm metaphor

It is THE definition of camp, and I watched every second of it.

Songs By Which I Am Easily Manipulated