messiahofyourthighs replied to your audio post: Here’s my favorite songs of 2012 in no specific…

I love you for including TNGHT. HudMo is such a beast. His EP “Satin Panthers” and his LP “Butter” are both incredible as well.

Oh, I’m aware.

Also, “Polkadot Blues” off of Polyfolk Dance.

He also appears again on my list, as he did the beat for “To The World”.

messiahofyourthighs replied to your post: I’m sorry I fell down a prog wormhole today, you guys

Dude, prog’s fucking great. What were you listening to? A little early Genesis, mayhaps? Some Rush? Maybe you felt saucy and put on some Dream Theater?

It started with early 70s Rick Wakeman, then quickly segued into the entire 44 minutes of “Thick As A Brick”.

messiahofyourthighs replied to your post: Nobody is SHOCKED about this Star Wars cash-in thing, right?

I’m less surprised and more upset/sad.

But why?  George Lucas has been shitting on your face and calling it ice cream since 1999.