lockesandkeys replied to your photo: A very Smith freezer- game birds, fish heads and…

Does freezing make Aquavit better? I got a bottle as a gift and couldn’t stand it served neat.

I dunno, I just like to always have some liquor in the freezer, and I’m not much of a vodka guy.

I dig the aquavit- the herbiness of it (I think it’s caraway).

 lockesandkeys replied to your photo: Admittedly, equating it to “movie I didn’t like”…

You really didn’t like Kill Bill? Not trolling, but why not?

It’s not totally fair- I saw it the week it came out, and was completely unimpressed with the aesthetics Tarantino chose to go with, the cinematic blood, etc.  Granted, it was 8 years ago, and I enjoyed Sin City, so I should probably revisit it, but whatever.