littletinyfish answered your question: I’m thinking about a Milwaukee Tumblr Liquid Lunch tomorrow

Where at?

Stubby’s Gastropub and Beer Bar, noon

littletinyfish replied to your photo: I cannot say this enough. Please keep watching…

Do you remember all the music you create? Or is it possible you watch a TV show and hear a song that sounds vaguely familiar and not realize that you wrote it? Maybe that’s a stupid question, because I think I’d remember all the drawings I created.

I used to be able to pick up on something I’d written within the first few seconds.  Now it takes a little longer, I hear it and think “wait, that sounds familiar”.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything and not realized I wrote it, but I’m sure that’s coming.

1000 songs in, it’s starting to all mush together a little bit.

littletinyfish replied to your post: All I want is the ability to play SimFarm again.

I liked SimTower when I was a kid. I think I would be VERY into it now, though.

I found out that Yoot Tower, the “sequel” to SimTower made by the lead designer, Yoot Saito (essentially the same game, and some would say a better game) was ported to the iPad.

So, y’know, my night is set.

littletinyfish replied to your video: Basically, writing clurb music involves a lot of…

Do you always move that much or do you just show off for the camera?

When I’m writing dance music I’m usually pretty animated.  It’s kind of a subconscious   litmus test of how much I dig what I’m writing.

littletinyfish replied to your post: For example, if the Mining Bill that Wisconsin Republicans are shoehorning through Assembly passes and Gogebic Taconite is allowed to build the open pit mine up in the Penokee Hills with basically no oversight or environmental impact research, simultaneously shitting on the Bad River tribe’s treaty rights AND the Wisconsin North Woods that I love, I’m gonna be REALLY tempted to go up there and start monkeywrenching their shit

I’m surprised after all this Recall Walker, Planned Parenthood/Komen, SOPA/PIPA, Path/Apple/Twitter stuff that you don’t think your voice will resonate. Spread the word. Circulate a petition. Rally support. Call your representatives.

Well, I’m still extremely cynical about the Walker recall meaning anything.  There’s no one running against him so far that has even the slightest bit of luminescence, and there is an endless supply of money behind his recall election bid.

Sure, the internet allows for instant mass surges of opposition, but I’m not the kind of person that is able to go much further than signing a petition.  I’m not well-spoken, and I’d rather be quiet (in public) than appear misinformed.

I can’t stand belief and morality-based arguments, and everything nowadays is being drawn as a morality issue.  You can’t alter someone’s morality, and all that ends up happening is people in trenches lobbing shit at each other.

I’ll be honest, I CHOSE to be ignorant of the whole Path/Apple/Twitter thing.  Could not even be bothered to care.  Don’t even know what it’s all about- tracking my movements or monitoring my text messages or whatever?  How is it not just assumed that everything you do is being recorded?  I CHOSE to be ignorant, because there’s too much noise.  There’s too much to care about.  Everything is supposed to incite an opinion, and it’s fucking EXHAUSTING.

Meanwhile, I have trouble finding the time to walk around in the woods more often.

littletinyfish replied to your photo: I got one of those haircuts the kids are all…

How much chatting?

Oh right, so I went to Sport Clips, on the recommendation of a number of people- overall great experience!  Enough small talk so that it wasn’t awkward, but that was it.  And the haircut was good.  I did have to turn down the “first time client shampoo and hot towel upgrade” nonsense, though.  Too weirded out.

A+ Would buy again!

littletinyfish replied to your photo: Going to the grocery store hungry is LITERALLY the…

Grocery shopping is the worst. I try not to spend more than 5 minutes in there at a time, which means I go in, buy what I need for the that night and maybe the next night, then get to a cash register where I can check myself out and bolt.

I actually love grocery shopping.  Kel can’t stand my technique, which is that I go down every single aisle, whether I need something in it or not.  I just like to browse.

littletinyfish replied to your post: This morning, while I was changing Audrey, I farted

540 notes!? Am I reading that correctly?

People are very into how in sync my daughter and I are, fart-wise.

littletinyfish replied to your photo: As someone who spent most of his early 20s…

Based on the blur it looks like they’ve increased your credit limit to…*squints*…$500?