kiamatthews replied to your post: I want to run something past you guys.

Terrible idea.

This is the kind of razor-sharp insight I’m looking for, you guys.

kiamatthews replied to your audio post: Marching Band Trap Music This is the result of…

Excuse me where’s my credit for suggesting the HEY chant? I want my ASCAP check, nigga.

Check’s in the mail

kiamatthews replied to your post: For what it’s worth

Specifically polygamy, or multiple marriages in general?

I’m sorry, multiple marriages in general.

Is it possible that various multiples of people of varying sexes can all love and respect eachother and raise a loving, well-adjusted family?  I would argue that yes, of course it’s possible.

If you were to ask me what the odds are that the men that can honorably respect such a pact all belong to splinter sects of the Mormon faith, I would say about ∞:1.

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Look you SAID you couldn’t think of reasons so I was giving you the reasons Matthew. Don’t try to burn me on the internet with your AZN gifs.

I didn’t say YOU couldn’t think of reasons

kiamatthews replied to your post: I honestly can’t even think of a reason to wear shorts that aren’t cargo shorts

Reason 1 - You have functioning eyesight and access to a mirror. Reason 2 - You don’t hate yourself. Reason 3. You enjoy looking your actual size and not 5 sizes bigger in the thighs. Reason 4 - you aren’t a human tackle box.

Reason Alpha:  I’m a grown up and cannot locate the tiniest shit to give about what people think about the clothing I choose to wear (aside from Kel, of course)

kiamatthews replied to your post: "Real Gs move in silence like lasagna"

Jesus matt. You’re like an 80 year old.

Me and Questlove, Kia.  Me and Questlove.

kiamatthews replied to your photo: I’m gonna have to buy her a pony at some point. …

Is that still a thing, kids wanting ponies?

I mean, I wouldn’t mind having a pony, so if I can make Audrey think I did it for her?  Win-win.

kiamatthews replied to your post: Just made a quart batch of vanilla extract

Cool story bro.
Someone’s gotta pick up your slack.