icelandicbutterflies replied to your photoset: Kel bought a lighting kit today for portraiture…

Do you have instructions for this? I think i need one for caramel product photos…?

I used this as a guide.  I’m using a “daylight” CFL that is a 75 watt equivalent, and I think I need something brighter.

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ill just add that i can also differentiate goat farts…

You win.

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do you have a favorite pizza dough recipe that you posted already somewhere?

I like Jim Lahey’s No Knead Recipe a lot.

Make a big batch at the beginning of the week, divide it up, let it proof overnight and then refrigerate it.  It actually tastes better the later in the week it is as it ferments.

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there are so many turkeys on my hill. however they all hide in the bison pastures during hunting weeks. it is odd how they know to find that safe zone…

Up near my parent’s place in Door County (the “thumb” of Wisconsin) the turkeys see cars all the time.  You can drive past them at full speed and they don’t even notice you.  The SECOND you start to slow down, even when they’re 300 yards out into a field, they instantly scatter.

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thats cool. recipe please?

Base Recipe (per jar)

1/4 cup yellow mustard seeds

1/4 cup brown mustard seeds

1/2 cup dry white wine (I used a rioja)

1/2 cup white wine vinegar

1/2 tsp kosher salt

1 tsp brown sugar (optional)

I added

1 bay leaf

1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper

Mix ingredients together in jar, shake and seal, let sit at room temperature for two days, shaking occassionally.  Dump into blender or food processor, pulse a few times until it’s at the consistency you want.  Refrigerate for two days.  Eat it.

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id have a lot of better ideas for you on how to make caramel…

I bet you would.

"Step 1:  Buy a goat…"

I’m on board, but you’re gonna have to run that past Kel.

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did you see you can buy one on for the low price of $499. every pig farmers dream. sell a 4 old pig for five hundred bucks…

Right!?  I would hope you’d have at least a little more faith in me then that!

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chevre noir?

Unfortunately no.  Just a run of the mill Wisconsin sharp cheddar.

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have you decided what you are going to do with your pork belly yet? (i assume you got pork belly with your pig…) and may i recommend making pancetta? luke did this last year and it was really worth the extra time and effort…

I did get half of the belly uncured, cut into two 5lb slabs (the rest we had smoked).  I’ve been really agonizing over what to do with it.  Between braising one of the slabs for a big meal, or doing porchetta, or making pork belly pastrami (which was suggested to me by hugeinjapan and I can’t stop thinking about it)- I’m so nervous about wasting it on something that I screw up and make sub-par.  The idea of the hanging and the mold and stuff is intimidating, but I am really intrigued by it.

icelandicbutterflies answered your question: Let’s see, how else can I alienate followers today?

tell me farmers are lazy

Half the people on Wall Street (both on the street and in the buildings) right now would die if they worked your schedule for one week, Louisa.

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that’s the best team ever! im totally in on that. and i have a really great source for the cutest kids(goats)ever. coming in march.

We need to buy the new house first.  Also, congratulations on the new land, if I didn’t do that yet!  I’m so ridiculously happy for you guys.