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Do you leave the steel in the oven all the time, or do you remove it? I’m using quarry tiles at the moment, and I just keep them in there.

Yeah, I leave it on the bottom rack when I’m not using it because A:  it’s heavy and I’m lazy, and B: I think it helps to regulate the temperature in the oven (though I have absolutely no proof of the and I’m mostly just lazy)

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Which is why a lot of folks bake with it. I need to find a reliable source.

My grocery store actually sells rendered leaf lard in 1.5lb containers.  I’ll bring a couple ice fishing.

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Can we have this in list form for those who can’t use/are boycotting Spotify?

What, you want me to make you a cassette, too?

  • Diplo f. Nicky Da B : Express Yourself
  • Carly Rae Jepsen : Turn Me Up
  • David Byrne & St. Vincent : Who
  • M.I.A. : Bad Girls
  • Fun. : Some Nights
  • Dragonette : Let It Go
  • Santigold : Disparate Youth
  • Tyga : Rack City (Pierre Cardin Moombahton Remix)
  • Ghost Beach : Miracle
  • Baauer : Harlem Shake
  • Ke$ha : Die Young
  • Kanye West, R. Kelly & Teyana Taylor : To The World
  • Jonathon Boulet : This Song Is Called Ragged
  • TNGHT : Higher Ground
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis : Same Love
  • Carly Rae Jepsen : Call Me Maybe
  • Usher : Climax
  • Zedd f. Foxes : Clarity
  • Wild Belle : Keep You
  • S-Type : Billboard
  • Monsta : Holdin’ On
  • Tift Merritt : Traveling Alone
  • Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen : Good Time

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I think I’ve asked this once, but whatevs: what’s your sausage stuffer of choice these days?

I have this.  I want this.

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I keep hoping we’ll catch enough fish to do a few different preps. THIS IS THE YEAR.

I’m really hoping for an opportunity for walleye or northern pike sashimi

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I guess the comments sections of some sites work like this now, with people volunteering amendments, adjustments, etc. Granted, there’s a ‘tyranny of the commons’ element at work and it’s sometimes hard to separate the wheat from chaff.

Right.  I mean, I have a list of Tumblrs that I will always listen to when it comes to input on a recipe, but it takes time to get to know and trust that someone knows what they’re doing.

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Much better!

Much better picture, or much better carbonara than last time?

Because correct on both counts.

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I got one of the tungsten work lamps from Lowe’s for like $10. You’ve got to tweak your white balance, but it’s nice and easy. I also bought a sheet of white and black foamboard that I can use to contrast whatever plates I’m using.

Yeah, Kel hipped me to the white balance thing, which I didn’t really know anything about.  I’m kind of an idiot when it comes to photography (also, I’m colorblind, so that’s not helping much either).  I definitely need a stronger light, but I like the CFL from the “doesn’t get really hot and burn my house to the ground” angle.  I need to find a 100 or 110 watt equivalent, I think.

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I think the kraut/pickles combo is redundant, but not distressingly so. Still, I’d deep fry the sprouts.

The sprouts are already pickled.  I wonder how deep fried pickled sprouts would taste?

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I don’t mind them costing more than $8 but I do mind them taking more than 8 minutes with the expectation that I do something other than sit mutely and pray for it to be over.

Pretty much.  Apparently this hairdresser (is that what to call her?  it seems so weird to say hairdresser) is awesome and is ok with me just sitting there silently reading on my iPad.  That’s how you earn big tips from me.


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I once attempted to emphasize the need to secure buy-in for a tricky project lest management “smother it in the crib.” One SIDS mom and an HR visit later, and it was the worst Thursday ever.

Can you hear me ugly-laughing? I am crying.

That is AMAZING.

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I will travel to fish.

As soon as the salmon come into the harbor (usually mid-October) you should definitely come up for the day.

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The guy from Goose Island is doing a dry cider. Maybe not exactly what you’re after but quite good.

Apparently Woodchuck has a dry-hopped cider, but I’ve been unable to find it, just their regular ciders.

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I stand by my original statement. Humiliated, of course, but I’ll back it.

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On that topic: Family Tradition is not all bad.

All My Friends”, not “All My Rowdy Friends