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i was such a fan. My plan was to choose Danny as my favorite. He was the least desireable so clearly my odds of marrying a New Kid skyrocketed once I set my sights on him.

I like your style.

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Does playify help?

Playify looked promising, but it won’t let me upload my XML file.

Also promising was Ivy, which said my XML file exceeded the allowed file size (it’s 42mb).

I think Unify might be the ticket, though.  I don’t know yet, I need to get the new laptop and put my iTunes library on an external before I test it.

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Got TWO baking steels for xmas. One is handmade, the other is the kickstarter dude’s. Used the homemade one and the seriouseats dough Monday. Fantastic results.

Yeah, I could really not be happier.

The best method I’ve found so far is to preheat the steel in the center rack at 550F for 30 minutes, then turn the broiler on for 15, and then cook the pizza on the steel under the broiler with the door slightly ajar, to keep the flame on.  Usually I use the peel to turn the pizza about halfway through. You get a nice, lightly charred crust in about 5-6 minutes.

I had been putting the steel on the top rack and cooking at 550F without the broiler, which worked fine, but didn’t give you as much charring.

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Aaand time to consume = mere seconds to inhale. I guess that’s reasonable. Cooking is cathartic and I’d bet tons of folks invest more than an hour in dining out.

Truth be told, I like the cooking at least as much, if not more than the eating.

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Ok…I’ve gotta ask. All planning and pre prep aside, how long much time are you killing in the kitchen to break out wonders like this?

Well, that’s the fun part.  Let’s take a look at the time involved in this dish:

  • Pheasant hunting:  3 hours
  • Cleaning pheasant:  20 minutes
  • Curing the pheasant for confit:  36 hours (active time: 30 minutes)
  • Confiting pheasant : 6 hours (active time: 30 minutes)
  • Making pasta dough, rolling pasta, making filling, constructing ravioli: 1 hour
  • Cooking time:  4 minutes

I mean, the pre-prep gets spread out over days.  I try not to let it take more than 1 hour of active time on a particular evening to make dinner, for the sake of Kel’s sanity.

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I get why it’s hard for people to differentiate between guns, but to go back to your car analogy: shotgun:Festiva, rifle:Accord, pistol:porsche, AR:Lamborghini. The leap from utilitarian to a flashy, dick measuring contest is quick and marked.

I think there’s a lot of truth to that sentiment.

Nothing good happens over 90 mph.

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Do you have Founders breakfast stout available to you?

Oh yeah- one of my favorites.

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If you happened to know someone who was attempting to make apple jack, how do you think that project would be turning out?

I would assume that the hard cider part went fine, but the applejack part was rocky, mainly because you need a LOT of hard cider to make even a small amount of apple jack.  more than, say, 3 gallons… for example.

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Where do you buy your spices?

The Spice House, part of Penzey’s

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I’ll bet you could make a pretty kick ass potato canon.

I’ll bet I’m a better shot with a Stoeger X-10.

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There wasn’t a cured meat category of juices, but there were some interesting savory options with things like garlic & jalepeno.

I’m actually curious about using some fennel, because I LOVE fennel, maybe using it to add something savory and floral to a fruit-heavy juice.

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If you’re looking for more variety or inspiration, I can email you the menu of juice options from my recent cleanse. There were some unexpected combos on there.

Y’know, Kel and I were discussing this.  Right now we’ve got a “fruit” juice and a “green” juice, and we’re just going to wing it for the dinner juices.

I don’t really want to get involved with recipes because I’m viewing this as an endurance challenge, not a holistic overhaul of my eating habits.  While flavors of the juices are fine, there’s nothing I can put into a single one of them to make them better than a slice of prosciutto, so I’m not going to go out of my way to try.

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Ooof. The pros recommend you prep for 3 days pre cleanse, weaning off all meat, dairy caffeine and booze, then gradually reintroduce 1.5 days post cleanse so as not to shock your system. Be careful!

I’m far too impulsive and impatient for that.

Also, weaning off of meat IS a cleanse for me.

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Did I miss your review of the taco marinade? Or is this the product of the marinating earlier this week?

Well, some of the meat in the pozole was leftover “al pastor” meat.  It turned out good, I think.  Good depth with the 4 different kinds of chiles, but didn’t have the pronounced crispiness that al pastor meat normally has (because of the spit).  It was a nice addition to the pozole.

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I see you’ve had the southern tier 2x ipa. Have you ever tried longtrail double ipa? Or double bag? Good stuff!

LOVE the 2XIPA.  It’s my 2nd favorite IPA.  I’ve never tried any Longtrail stuff, I don’t think they distribute out here.