How to debone a chicken and make a damn mess (pics by the ole lady):

Get your muthafuckin mise on.  Chop the flats off the wings and leave the lil drums, slice down the back, cut the tendons on the lil drum drums.  Pull the drum and the breast away from the center mass leaving the tenderloins on the carcass, flip chicken over, dislocate hip joints, pull down the back of the chicken until you get the oysters exposed.  Cut them out and cut the tendons around the hips/thigh bones, brute force tug the center carcass away from the rest of the meat on the board.

Leave the thigh and drumstick bones together and scrape/push the meat away from the bones.  Break the bone at the little bottom knuckle with the back of your knife and remove the thigh and drum bone whole from the drum.  Take the tenderloins off the carcass and place in the absent meat space between the thigh and breast on each side.  You can take the little drumettes off now if you like.  Spice it, roll it up, bind it, cook it.

My schooling on this one came from Jacques Pepin.  The ole lady got me his french techniques book for Christmas last year and this is one of the cooler things in there.  He has a video on youtube making my technique look silly if you care to search it.  

Have fun dudes and duderinas.