bringtheruckuss replied to your post: Gather around you guys, I want to talk to you about heaven

yeah well i ordered chinese and the gave me an extra eggroll.

fuck it, you win

bringtheruckuss replied to your photo: Let’s do this.

you’ll soon be joining the ranks of guys that brew god awful darks and just tell everyone who says its bad that they just dont have a sophisticated pallet.

You’re excited.  I can tell.

bringtheruckuss replied to your photo: Kel made me go to one of those hair cutting places…

button your shirt you whore

I’m wearing a t-shirt under it.  The light made me look all weird and masculine.

bringtheruckuss replied to your photo: I enjoy being a study in contradictions.

i usually buy winchesters but they’re pretty dirty. make sure you clean super good. super gritty.

I’m digging the steel shot for bird hunting.  Tends to go right through instead of getting buried in the meat.

But yeah, I have to break the shotgun down completely after a weekend of shooting the Winchesters.

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i dont trust gin drinkers

me either

bringtheruckuss replied to your post: What is the point of hunting? Why is it fun to shoot and kill innocent animals for no discernible reason? Why can’t you just go to a shooting range and shoot bullets at a wall? These animals are not bothering you, I fail to understand why you feel the need to bother them.

I went hunting once and took a 13 pnt buck. I’m glad i did it and all but I’ll never do it again. If I’m going to eat something as amazing as the animal I killed I’d want to know it wasn’t just lead through a slaughter house. sad but gratifying

It’s actually an argument I have with a lot of deer hunters here.  There are some that get all bent out of shape during “Earn-A-Buck”, when the deer population is so high that the DNR makes you take a doe before you can shoot a buck.

I understand the mentality of trophy hunting, I honestly do, and I can imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you get the deer of a lifetime.

But you can’t eat antlers.

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i watched america’s got talent and steve harvey was on it and no one killed him. i’m always shocked when steve harvey appears in public and doesn’t get killed.

Seriously. fuck that guy.

bringtheruckuss replied to your post: Overheard at the bar while picking up food:

OC and ambien is a fucking weird combo.

I’m guessing it was a matter of taking whatever was readily available in the couch cushions.