Several minutes missing from Romney video; conservatives cry foul


1 or 2 minutes are missing from the leaked Romney video, according the journalist who obtained it. Mother Jones’ David Corn says his source told him that the recording device “inadvertently shut down or timed-out” during Romney’s speech, and had to be turned back on. “[A]t most, one to two minutes were missed,” Corn told Politico. In response, the conservative activists at denounced the video’s legitimacy, saying that “there is new reason to suspect manipulation” on the part of Mother Jones when “a large portion of video” is missing.  Mother Jones released a total of 67 minutes of video from the event, so the missing footage would amount to roughly 3% of the complete product.

Was it the part that made him an empathetic, likable person?

"But, of course! Actually, Hillary helped Obama kill Breitbart, using the same knife she used to murder Vince Foster. Then they had a troop of Communist lesbian girl scouts bury the body near Obama’s birth place in Kenya, in a secret Muslim ceremony, before plotting to send all of America’s children to college, so they could grow up to be atheistic climate scientists bent on fluoridating our water in order to kill Jesus before He could show that Obama was faking last quarter’s jobs figures.

Connect the dots, my friends, connect the dots!"