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Flu Vaccine = $3. A week in bed = Priceless.

Yeah, except Kel and I were just discussing this.

There’s really no “woohoo, I get to lay in bed all day watching TV” sick days for a family where the mom stays at home with the 3 year old.

For me or Kel.

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Is there any kind of dramatic difference between the 3lb and 5lb stuffer? Also, what the hell does all that mean?

I actually prefer the 3lb lever stuffer to the 5lb, because even the 3lb is kind of difficult to press when it’s full.

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Like The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy says, “Anyone capable of getting themselves elected should by no means be allowed to do the job.” An oversimplification, but an often appropriate one.


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Well, she’s lucky to be raised in a house that values serious cooking. I was raised by a single mother who worked 60 hours a week, so I didn’t learn how to properly cook anything other than Mac & Cheese and hotdogs until college.

Hey, to be fair, if I was a single mother that worked 60 hours a week I wouldn’t be cooking a damn thing either.

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Damn, it looks immaculate.

It’s not immaculate, but it looks damn good for a 60 year old guitar.

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Jesus. How much do those things weigh?

About 8 pounds apiece.  There are 4 more to rub tomorrow night.

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Ignoring those who confuse their drives for cupholders and the special few who feel free to pirate, cant one make an argument that by creating a unique and worthwhile product that provides the consumer with a special experience we can bypass timelin

Most people that pirate an album aren’t looking for a special experience, I don’t think.  They want to hear the record.

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But doesn’t that discount the Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy/Santa Claus effect? While we may have a general idea what’s going go be released, can anything replace buying the official (signed-sealed-delivered-I’m yours!) product?

Well, I’m starting to lean towards yes.  I haven’t bought a CD in YEARS.  I was buying all digital.  Now I’m starting to get into the Spotify model, where I pay 10 bucks a month to listen to anything and can take a specific amount of it offline.  If there’s something I’ve GOT to OWN, I buy it on iTunes.  The ONLY reason to pirate a major label or notable indie label album right now, I would argue, is to hear it sooner.  Remove that from the equation, and I’d be interested in the results.

Obviously, there are ALWAYS going to be people who think they deserve shit for free, that art is worthless.  And there are always going to be people who want to put a CD in a tray (I guess!?).  

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I know this will sound very bland and generic, but I think it falls upon the fans to not download leaks, if they care about the group at all. No matter how early a label releases any content, someone will manage to beat them to the punch.

Oh, I agree with you.  Which is why I haven’t heard the new Miike Snow or Shins yet.  It just seems asinine that all they would have to do is get the tracks to Spotify as soon as they’re finished, so that when they leak Spotify could just “flip a switch”.  There’s no good reason to have a concrete “release date” when you can just release it whenever and it will spread on social networks.  It just strikes me as the labels being stubborn, like “I’m not going to release this album until I FEEL like it”.  The longer a master just sits around, the more likely it’s going to get copied and leaked.  Hell, some intern at the mastering studio probably already has a copy of it.  Why sit on it?

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Have you seen 180 Degrees South? It’s hardly life-changing, but there are some great sailing scenes, and some gorgeous footage of Patagonia.

Own it on Bluray.  I was incredibly inspired.  It’s one of the “already seen it 30 times” standbys.