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My two favorite shows on television with absolutely no fucking close 3rd

I grabbed Shameless purely on the merits of your enthusiasm

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true fact: i love Pete Holmes more than anyone I’ve never met. This show has, without a doubt, significantly changed my life. Which episode(s) did it for you?

The first one I heard was the recent one with Zach Galifianakis, and then I listened to Paul F Tompkins and am currently listening to Jenny Slate (which is just fucking perfect) and I am so excited to unpack the rest of the archive.  

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it’s okay, Tumblr suffocated any mild interest I might have ever had in “Dr. Who”


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it’s true. I’m really surprised your even interested, after Tumblr suffocated your interest in “Community”

To be fair, I never really had any interest in “Community” to begin with

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but it’s fantastic. Look at each album like a novel and tackle one song a day. I’m prone to spout hyperbole about them. It’s great.

So, basically attack the Mountain Goats discography the way I’m currently attacking the Jim Harrison bibliography?  Love it.  I dig a project.

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I want to know what you think of WU LYF - they’re definitely not properly post-rock, but they hijack a lot of post-rock sounds and morph them into something more closely related to Modest Mouse or Wolf Parade

I listened to two songs, “Split It Like Concrete…”, which I really didn’t care for, and “L Y F”, which was OK until dude started singing.  That voice, I just can’t with that voice.  Full disclosure, the only MM song I really dig is “Dashboard”, and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard Wolf Parade.  I purposely avoided bands with “Wolf” in their name when every band had “Wolf” in their name, because I can be incredibly petty and spiteful about music.  The beautiful thing about the accessibility we have to music now is that you can purposely remain ignorant of entire musical movements and still never run out of great things to listen to.

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hmmm, i have that feeling ALL THE TIME. Like, constantly. Part of me is really happy to be a latecomer to the show, because it means that I have a rich supply of Breaking Bad at my fingertips instead of having to wait a week between episodes

EXACTLY.  I kind of want to get some illness just so I have an excuse to stay home for 3 days and watch all of it.

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where are you in “Breaking Bad?”

Just started- watched episode 3 last night.  I’m not at a place in my life where I can just marathon shows anymore, and I kinda wish I could with Breaking Bad.

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under which circumstances is tailgating permissible?

In my mind, tailgating is permissible when you are in the left lane and the car in front of you has space in the right lane to move over.  If he’s on cruise and has to pass a car in the right lane before moving over, you give him space.