So, not to be too dramatic or anything, I’ve been thinking…

Today marks 5 years that I’ve been on Tumblr.  That’s a long-ass time in Internet years.  In that time, I’ve accrued a little over 5000 followers, about  1% of which actually make my time here valuable and positive.  The fact that the rest of those followers are here is due in no small part to the manner in which I use Tumblr.  I’ve posted things just because I knew they’d be like-bait.  I’ve drawn negative attention to myself just because I was bored that day.  I had a hand in creating an environment in which I’m no longer completely happy or satisfied.

Tumblr doesn’t let you “make” people unfollow you (nor should it).  The next best thing is to just pick up and move,  which is what I’m doing.  I want an opportunity to exist in a space of my own creation, with my friends, my family, food, hunting, fishing, without the intrusion of petty intrusions.  That’s what actual life is for, this is supposed to be a bit of an escape.

So, yeah.