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I don’t agree that a pistol is automatically a sign of small-dick compensation.

Like I said, I agree with with sentiment, but not necessarily the derogatory characterization.

Pistols, to me, are the biggest stumbling block in debating gun regulation.

There are, to me, completely valid reasons to own a pistol.  Target shooting, small game/varmint hunting, and protection in bear country (though there’s plenty of debate on the merits of this) for example.

Home protection is something I wrestle with.  I don’t personally care to have a pistol in my home, but I’m not able to comfortably deny that right to anyone else, assuming we improve the permitting process and place stronger liabilities on the gun owner (insurance, gun cases, etc.).

But when pistols start having extended clips and laser sights and armor-piercing bullets, it’s Lamborghini territory.  That’s having a car that goes 200 mph, and the danger in that is that when someone that is not properly trained and licensed uses a car that goes 200 mph to its fullest extent, the possibility of bad things happening FAR outweigh the alternative.