A message from Anonymous

can i ask why you need anything more than a single shot rifle for hunting? Why do you NEED anything more? What's the point? Your hobby does not the trump the basic right of children and people to feel secure in their homes and schools. I can't but feel anger at your position. "As a sporting gun owner." who the fuck cares. i care more about my children than your hobby.

Well, first off, you can’t hunt everything with a rifle.

Birds are, generally, shotgun only.

Also, there are times you need a second shot closely following the first one (first shot didn’t do the job and the animal is wounded, trying to take more than one animal at a time, etc).

I would argue that my hobby doesn’t threaten people’s security.  I care about my child too.  My guns are unloaded, locked, and stored away from the ammo.  I had to take a class learning to handle them safely before I was allowed to hunt with them.  When I shoot them, it is in a controlled environment, be it either a range or hunting land during hunting season.  The only people that handle them are me or someone under my supervision.

I understand you being emotional.  But please don’t confuse me with a troubled kid who somehow had access to his mom’s AR and killed 20 children.  That’s not going to get us anywhere.