Think of all the shitty things you’ve (I’ve) said about Tea Partiers, or Evangelicals, or rape apologists, or whatever fringe group most directly opposes the thing you (I) feel most strongly about.  Think of the ad hominem attacks you’ve (I’ve) launched against humans that disagree with you, the memes you’ve (I’ve) reblogged mocking the very existence of people that are your fellow citizens.

Think of people who are younger than you that have grown up hearing fiery rhetoric on both sides, scathing social commentaries in the increasingly bloodthirsty 24 hour news cycle.  People for whom the knee-jerk and combative nature of internet culture is the only culture they know.

That’s our country right now.  At best we are taught and conditioned to disregard or mock the opposition, at worst we are encouraged to hate them.

There’s no easy answer, but there’s a desperate need to shut the fuck up for a second and reflect.