A message from lilianag

#7, 8, & 9, please. kthxbye

7. Your jam in 7th grade?

Well, that would have been 1992, so “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, obviously.  But in retrospect, check out the Hot 100 for 1992.  I want that as a Spotify playlist NOW.

8. You can eliminate one person from the planet, living (let’s avoid Hitler fantasies). Who would is it?

I am morally opposed to this question.  Which is why I’m no fun at parties.  I mean, I’m supposed to say who I want gone from the earth and I can’t just choose an obviously evil person?  That would make ME the evil person.

9. Honey never has an expiration date—would you try a 1,000 year old sample?

Duh.  Yeah.