1. Last law you broke?
2. Do you like eating any unique food combos? Pasta and ketchup? Salami and cream cheese?
3. Humble brag!
4. What song(s) do you irrationally hate?
5. Describe your worst kiss?
6. Any birthmarks?
7. Your jam in 7th grade?
8. You can eliminate one person from the planet, living (let’s avoid Hitler fantasies). Who would is it?
9. Honey never has an expiration date—would you try a 1,000 year old sample?
10. Pre-party personality drink or joint?
11. Jeopardy! Or Wheel of Fortune?
12. What did you eat for breakfast?
13. Last time you got a ticket and for what?
14. How do you feel about Tom Cruise, right now, on this very day?
15. Mittens or gloves?
16. Ever forced to learn an instrument as a child?
17. Let’s talk about your virginity.
18. Juicy fruit or bubbalicious?
19. Butts.
20. Who do you think is totally overrated?
21. Got any weird talents?
22. FMK: Emma Watson, Emma Stone and Emma Roberts?
23. What kind of bagel do you like best? What do you put on it?
24. Dumbest show on tv—in your humble opinion?
25. Does snoring bother you?
26. Next thing you’re going to buy when you TREAT YOSELF?
27. Favorite guilty pleasure book?
28. Would you be able to do fifty push ups, like right now, if you had to?
29. Ever been kneed in the groin?
30. Write a haiku about…tumblr.
31. If you had to go out via auto-erotic asphyxiation or your house of cats eating your dying body, which would you pick? Who do you think would give your eulogy.
32. Tell me how you feel about pumpkin pie?
33. Ever shot a gun?
34. Do you DOMINATE at any board games?
35. Got a crush on any of your followers?
36. Would you eat a live fish for $2.50?
37. What makes you feel like a bad ass?
38. What’s that one word you can never spell right?
39. Ugg boots: yay or nay?
40. Five reasons why you are gr8.

It’s so terrible to do these.  But I’ll do this one.  In the morning.  Hit up my ask box.