I want to run something past you guys.

I’m thinking of starting a new blog (the always-awesome Kia gave me the idea), that’s a little more professional and intentional than this one.

I’d like to focus on the hobbies I love- cooking, fishing, hunting, uber-amateur homesteading - as well as family and personal growth.

I’m thinking something in the vein of Whole Larder Love, Hunter Angler Gardner Cook, and pre-Food Network Pioneer Woman.

Rather than coming from a place of expertise or authority, I’d like to focus on coming from a place of learning- or rather, learning to be better, whether that means learning to be a better hunter, or cook, or father, or husband.

The troubling conceit of most of the blogs in this vein that I love is that of perfection- you always get a fish, your perfect cabin is always perfectly furnished and decorated, your bread always comes out of the oven looking like a cookbook cover.

That’s certainly not my reality, and it’s probably not yours.  Though technical perfection is certainly something to be celebrated, it’s the process of learning - succeeding AND failing - that I think is universal.

I’d like to share recipes, methods, techniques, non-bullshitty gear and equipment reviews and knowledge.  Maybe incorporate some of Kel’s amazing photos and some of my own. I know some stuff.  But I also realize every day that I know VERY LITTLE.  And so I’m learning.

I’d love some input from you guys, because there are SO MANY of you whose opinions are vital to me, and though I want this new blog to be meaningful to me, I want it to be interesting to you.

Either reply to this post, hit up my ask box or fan mail and tell me what sort of things you’d like to see, what things annoy you about other blogs of this sort, etc.