cannonball101 replied to your post: Do you have a meat grinder you would recommend? Looking around on Amazon it’s hard to find one people have had consistently good experiences with that isn’t in the $300 range.

I’ve actually been considering getting the meat grinder Kitchenaid attachment. Why do you recommend keeping it in the freezer?

Keeping the meat and fat cold is SO key to good texture in sausage and ground meat.

If it’s too warm, the meat and fat smear together, and you get a crumbly texture.

When I make sausage, I grind the fat while it’s still frozen, and I chill the meat until it’s crispy on the edges.  Then I grind it through a chilled grinder into a chilled bowl set over a bowl of ice.  The stuffer also gets about an hour in the freezer.

It’s totally tedious, but it makes a difference.