avgas replied to your post: Sure, those FM transmitters are only $50… but who the fuck wants to pay $50 to be pissed off at your radio all the time. Cheaper isn’t always better/same/equal. /rant

Cheaper is hardly ever better. Almost never. If you’re thinking about re-doing your car “deck”, think bluetooth. You will wonder how you did without it.

The biggest issue is this:  I hate my fucking car.  I want to replace it at the first opportunity.  (Kel told me I’m not allowed to tackle that one until we move).  I don’t want to invest any more money in my car than I have to.  However, I’m not going to buy a half-assed solution that’s just going to piss me off more.

So, I bought a reasonably priced stereo with front-panel USB and Aux inputs and an installation kit off of Amazon.

Done and done.

Also, re: bluetooth- I don’t answer my phone as it is.  I don’t really need a hands-free way to not answer my phone :)