whiskeybot replied to your post: I’m worried that I somehow got too old for Ke$ha between the “Die Young” single and Warrior.

read some articles about her that helped me. also close your eyes and imagine you’re in your old dorm room.

Never had that dorm room experience.  By the time I actually went to college I was 21, I think?  And that only lasted 2 years.  And then I moved to Florida to do the Full Sail thing. I’ve always wondered if missing out on that has shaped me in ways I’m not totally proud of (space issues, overly enjoying being alone, difficulty compromising).

Anyway, I think the trouble I’m having with the Ke$ha record is that it’s about having a kind of fun that’s just not in my wheelhouse anymore.  I’m not a misfit, or striving for a misfit persona.  I’m a 33 year old dad, and for the first time I started feeling a little ridiculous listening to Ke$ha awkwardly rap yet again about getting rowdy and being dirty and whatever.

Basically, I think I’m allowing self-consciousness to take the fun out of it for myself.  Which kinda sucks.  Stop listening to Grandpa, you kids, and go listen to your loud music.