Audrey did really well visiting Santa. There was a sign up that said “no personal cameras beyond this point” and I followed instructions. However, when they were done getting her picture they told me I could fee free to take some of my own. The Santa was really nice and encouraged Audrey to smile for me. I think the key was going early and midweek. There was like no one there, so no need to rush us through.

Audrey didn’t really want to get on Santa’s lap, so Santa actually suggested that she sit next to him. The whole thing was pretty cool and I’m glad we have a few more years to be doing it. 

Before nap Audrey asked me my favorite part of the day so far (damn you Dora) and I told her snuggling in bed with her this morning. When I asked her - she said seeing Santa and the waterfall at the mall. 

I like that answer. She’s got it figured out.