After Santa (which was great and cute and the Mall Santa wasn’t creepy but actually very nice) we needed a quick place to grab lunch



and said “Hey, I guess we’ve never been to Fuddruckers”.

Holy Jesus, what fucking circle of hell is this place? Have any of these people been here more than once!?

Heh - for those not in the know, Fuddruckers is kind of like a warehouse-sized TGI Fridays meets Five Guys meets Disney World meets your college cafeteria.

That’s pretty dead on.

I’m just saying- waiting in line to pay 9 bucks for a bland-ass burger that I have to top myself, buffet-style, and then telling Audrey that there are games for her to play, only to find nothing but Time Crisis 2 and a claw game are not an experience I will be repeating.

I mean, It’s not Fuddruckers fault.  They are what they are.  I was the one the walked through the door.

You gotta do everything once, I suppose.