I’m gonna throw my left shoe at the TV.



I’ve seen three separate news segments now regarding holiday gifts for children. The first one was to test some Lite Brix thing - they only let boys test it because, as they stated, the toy was for boys. 

The rest were just as bad. 

If my daughter wants to build light-up aliens, bring it on! If she wants a Iron Man mask, who I am to say no? If she wants a light saber, well - I want one too!

The worst part is that it’s not my local news reporting in this manner, these are the segments where they patch through to some guy that does this nationally. 

Seriously, so annoying! Just let kids be kids and like what they like. 

yeah - wyatt wanted his toenails painted over thanksgiving, so we did.  who cares, right?

then monday night at the ymca, some 6(?) year-old snarkily asked why HE had his nails painted.  i told him because it was awesome.  he seemed genuinely perplexed like he’d never considered it before.

Remind me to tell you about the time I spent 2 nights in jail with my fingernails painted.