Started watching Firefly today because I don’t know what my life is anymore.


I’m only 5 episodes in, but for a show based in a future where China and the United States have fused into a combined culture that’s so pervasive that, for example, everyone is bilingual, there’s a surprising lack of Asian characters/actors. 

But like, for real. 

I think I read some explanation somewhere about how the Anglo-Sino alliance (The Alliance) is split, with the Anglos tending towards military and the Sinos tending toward economy and infrastructure, and that most of the show takes place on the border planets and the military sectors of the inner planets and that’s why there aren’t as many asians.

All of that is basically just a half-assed way of explaining the “why didn’t they cast more Asians on Firefly?” issue that I don’t really buy.  It’s a glaring hole in an otherwise exceptional series.